Put an End to Toxic Emails

Nicefy was created in the hopes of reducing a little contention from our lives. We use AI to filter out the negative language from your incoming emails so that you can communicate about the important things in life without unnecessary drama and toxicity.

How does it work?

Nicefy will intercept incoming emails and have AI filter toxic language and pass along important information in a “nice-ified” way. You have the ability to select the email addresses you want to nicefy and let AI do the rest. The original email will be stored in a separate sub-folder in case you ever need the original message.

Turn this message

Into this

changing mean texts to kind texts

Our Services

Nobody deserves to be domestically harassed or verbally attacked. We created a simple to use platform at a price that is affordable to everyone to eliminate toxic communication from your life. Nicefy your email today and get back to living your best life. Currently, we offer the ability to filter emails, but we plan to add the ability to What'sApp and texting soon.

Client Testimonials

“My ex was constantly sending mean, derogatory emails and I was just over it. Nicefy eliminated that from my life.”
“My sister is a total drama queen and I was tired of listening to her vent all the time. This helped me escape her long, emotionally charged emails. Now, if we can just Nicefy family gatherings . . . ”
“I'm glad to have finally been able to cut out this negativity. Thank you Nicefy!”

Give it a try!

For just $5/mo or $50/year, you can Nicefy your life today! 

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